Gouged and shaped reed cane for Oboe D'Amore. Gouged to 0.53-0.54mm and shaped on Reeds n stuff 50 template.

Oboe D'Amore reed cane

  • Terms and conditions of ordering

    1. Reeds are made to order. There can be a delay of up to 4 weeks from ordering to time of delivery.
    2. Reeds damaged in the post will be replaced on return to the seller.
    3. Reeds found not to be to the buyers liking will not be replaced.
    4. Staples returned for re-binding will only be accepted if in perfect condition.
    5. The seller admits no liability for reeds lost in the post. If you require insured delivery, please enquire as to additional postage costs.
    6. The placement of an order for reeds or cane constitutes an agreement to these terms and conditions.
    7. Terms and conditions can be altered or changed without notification.