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This is a night when souls might fly (Orchestra.)

Three sketches (Wind Quintet.)



The Witch’s cat who lost her spells (Story for Children told by Wind Quintet and Narrator.) German version : „Als die Katze der Hexe die Zaubersprüch verlor". Premiered during the German-African freindship festival, Dessau, May 2006. Published in English by June Emerson Wind Music.

Reflected Fragments (Horn quartet. Commissioned by the Anhaltische Horn Quartet, Dessau, Germany.)

Galapogos (Marimba / Piano / String Orchestra.)



On darkness and light, and dancers in shadows (Oboe / Violin / Cello. Premiered by Weronika Ambrosia, Maddy Aldis-Evans und Mattius Wilde, in the Georgium Castle, Dessau. Performed as part of the IMPULS Festival for new Music in Sachsen-Anhalt 2012.)



Your butterfly soul (Orchestra. Dedicated to Lucy Newlyn.)



War Torn and the Angel (Re-working for solo flute / solo trumpet / Actor and String Orchestra. Commissioned by IMPULS Festival for new music. Premiered in the Anhaltische Theatre, Dessau in November 2012.)

Invocation to happiness (Piccolo / Oboe / Horn / Violin / Viola.)



River (Reed-Quintet / Singing Bowl. Commissioned by Treves Punkt Quintett, Trier and Premiered in the Trier OPENING festival in 2014.)



On finding peace within (solo oboe.)



Ascendant in Taurus (Oboe / English Horn / Cello / Harpsichord). Premiered at the Georgium Castle, Dessau, Germany, November 2015.

Three Four Three (Wind Quintet. Written for the Abingdon School Wind Quintet and performed in the final of the Pro Corda Chamber Music competition.)



Homage Isang Yun (2 Oboes / English Horn.)



The Enchanted Forest (Solo Oboe D’amore / Chamber ensemble. Premiered August 2019 by Emily Pailthorpe in the St. Endellion summer music festival. Performed at the Georgium Castle, Dessau, Germany in October 2019.



Leap of Faith (Re-working with 2 new movements to make a 3 movement work for Solo Flute.)



The Hurlers and the Rumour Catcher (Soprano / Baritone / Flute / Bassoon / Viola / Cello / Harp / Percussion.) Commissioned by the St. Endellion Festival and premiered by Freya Turton, Samuel Morton-Morris and members of the St. Endellion Summer festival, August 2022.

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