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Recordings of Compositions by Maddy Aldis-Evans

The Hurlers and The Rumour Catcher

Performed by members of the St. Endellion festival orchestra at St. Endellion Church, 5th August 2022.
Soprano: Freya Turton. Baritone: Samuel Morten-Morris

The Enchanted Forest

Performed by members of the St. Endellion festival orchestra at St. Kew Church, 9th August 2019.
Solo Oboe D'Amore: Emily Pailthorpe.

Ascendant in Taurus

Performed at the Schloss Georgium Orangerie, Dessau, Germany

14th November 2015

Oboe: Maddy Aldis-Evans
Cor Anglais: Uwe Städter
Cello: Gerald Manske
Harpsichord: Laura Bos

On darkness and light and dancers in shadows

A work in 2 movements for oboe, violin and 'cello. Performed at the Georgium Orangerie, Dessau, Germany on 24th November 2012 as part of the Impuls festival for new music. Oboe: Maddy Aldis-Evans Violin: Weronika Costello 'Cello: Gerald Manske

On finding peace within

Performed by the composer at Oxford Quaker Meeting House

November 2013


Live performance of River in Trier as part of the Opening 15 (Aktuelle Klangkunst) contemporary music festival. 8th February 2015.

Performed by Trevs Punkt Reed Quintet, who commissioned the work.

Movement 1 "Undercurrents" (dissatisfaction)
Movement 2 "Sunlight on the water" (the search for truth)
Movement 3 "Lower course" (understanding)

Five Spells

For wind octet. Recorded in 2001. Conducted by the composer.

3 Sketches for Wind Quintet

Performed in November 2009 by members of the Anhaltische Philharmonie, Dessau.

3 Sketches for wind quintetMaddy Aldis-Evans
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